Siemens who used Jewish slave labour during World War 2 has been working along with Nokia to help the mullahs subduing the iranian protesters. An advanced system for surveillance of telecommunication has probably been helpfull in locating and killing many of the protesters.

Call somebody else

At the moment the joined companies are pointing in other directions and wont take responsebility for their help to the iranian regime. The Danish Newspaper, Politiken, has in vain tried to contact the firm that NokiaSiemen claims are the real produceres: Trovicor in München. But it was not possible to get the manager, Johann Preinsberger on the phone (He used to work as a manager in Nokia just one year ago).

Just a little surveillance

The sale of Nokia phones has been dropping dramatically in Iran since their  help to the mullahs came out in public, according to the usually well-informed Politiken. So NokiaSiemens  Telecommunication are trying to explain the sale as just a another plain an ordinary mobilephone system that any government would ask for.

But on this website you can see original sales material . It gives a hint of the eagerness of NokiaSiemens. They wanted to give them a lot more than just a wiretapping.

Well, do it the Iranian way. Get rid of your Nokia or dont buy it next time.


Consumers should be aware of the methods companies like Yahoo use. I have a dirty little story to share, but I am sure people out there has a lot more to tell about the ethics of Yahoo.

This is my story:

Nice: 24 dollars unlimited upload

Recently I wanted to sign up for Flickr. I needed a safe way to store my personal photos and liked the idea of having them online. 24 dollars for unlimited upload seemed like a good deal.

Signing up goes through Yahoo and that should have scarred me away. I always thougth their search machine is lousy compared to Google and others.

When I signed up they asked me for a “secondary e-mail” and also birthdate, ZIP-code and other private data. I never give correct private information to internet companies, if I can avoid it. Companies like Yahoo collect your data and share them with a big bunch of affiliated companies –  along with your search pattern. Therefore they only got my secondary e-mail (which is enough account dentification for companies like Google and Facebook).

Locked out of Flickr because of a ZIP-Code

I uploaded a couple of hundred private photos. But after a few days my password wasn´t correct anymore. I was a bit puzzled beacuse I wrote down my password and Yahoo ID, immediatly after I signed up.

Now Yahoo wont give me acces to the account and the hundreds of private photos I paid them to keep safe. The reason: I cant remember the ZIP-code I used. I have the correct YahooID name, Flickr screen name and a uniq secondary e-mail adress – but it is of no value to the bureaucrats at Yahoo.

Money lost in Yahoo

See here what Yahoo wrote to me:

…We have reviewed the verification information that you have provided.
However, we were unable to match the Zip/Postal Code
that you provided
with the information that was entered during registration or when this
account was last updated. To protect the security and privacy of all
accounts, we are unable to provide login or other account assistance
without completely verifying the account.

Well, I am not alone. The firm bureaucrats of Yahoo upsets other people too: Why I hate Yahoo